We start a series of short videos on procuRE challenge

The current renovation approach will not deliver enough to achieve 2050 targets. We need economies of scale.

Georg Vogt, Head of ICT Innovation Energy at empirica Communication and Technology Research, has launched a series of videos that aim to break down this very complex issue and will explain procuRE challenge.

This 2-minute video clearly explains two complementary approaches to run buildings and to built platform-like solutions:

* passive: focusing on consumption reduction with pre-fab in residential buildings: Energiesprong

* active: focusing on system and technology integration in public buildings: procuRE

Time code:

0:00 Current challenge

0:19 What do we need?

0:33 Passive approach – EnergieSprong project

1:03 Active approach – procuRE project

1:30 About Pre-Commercial Procurement

1:40 To suppliers

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