phase III progress update in IStanbul

Exciting developments are unfolding for Istanbul. The project in this demonstration site has reached a major milestone with the steady progress of building renovations. The HVAC systems are now installed, promising improved climate control and potentially lower energy consumption for the building’s occupants.

Sustainability takes center stage with the addition of solar panels. Permit approvals for the installation of the solar panels are nearing the final hurdle, paving the way for a clean energy boost. Once the final green light is received, they will be swiftly installed onto the pre-constructed steel structures already in place. This strategic planning minimises disruption and ensures a smooth installation process. Also, the project team remains committed to efficient progress. Regular meetings are a cornerstone of their approach. Weekly progress meetings keep all parties informed of advancements and allow for immediate addressal of any concerns.

The overall progress signifies a major step forward for the completion of the renovations and the operation of procuRE’s Istanbul demonstration site. By embracing renewable energy solutions and implementing energy-efficient upgrades, the project sheds light on novel solution for a more sustainable future for the city’s buildings. The project team’s dedication to smooth communication and strategic planning positions the initiative for continued success.

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