phase III progress update in nuremberg

The renovation project in Nuremberg is well underway, with the civil works for equipment installation now complete. The preparatory work for HVAC installation was finalized in late 2023, and the heat pump itself was installed in January 2024. During functional testing, no issues were detected, meaning that everything is on track for the project’s successful completion.

The training sessions have started on April 10 with a training targeted at the teachers. It covered an introduction to what the energy transition entails, how the solution to be installed contributes to this challenge and a discussion on ways to foster engagement within the classroom. The session ran longer than expected due to the high level of engagement from participants, and this enthusiasm is a great sign for future project implementation within the school.

The next steps in the project include integrating the heat pump into the heating control system, as well as completing the installation of the photovoltaic system and the BESS, which is expected to be delivered and installed by April 2024. The integration of all systems into the BMS is currently in progress, with control hardware being installed and put into service in the coming weeks.

The successful completion of this project will ensure the efficient operation of the heating system, contribute to energy efficiency and promote sustainability for the city’s building stock. With the expertise of PARadISE SEBR and the latest technology codesigned along with the procurer, this project is poised to make a significant impact in the Nuremberg community.

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