Common Challenge

procuRE challenges suppliers to come up with solutions that eliminate off-site supply in existing buildings. The Buyers Group is faced with building having individual constraints for adaptation, provision of supply and storage, optimisation of operation and integration of solutions across technologies. Integration of the optimal selection of cutting-edge RE technologies requires a level of expertise most owners and their planners cannot be expected to acquire. The relevant sector is extremely fragmented, where more than 95% of manufacturers and professionals operate as SMEs, and most in siloed national or local markets. Investors have a natural preference for low-risk solutions and an aversion to complexity.

The detailed specification of the common challenge is topic of Open Market Consultations (OMC) and further developed by the Buyers Group. Suppliers and other municipalities (i.e. future procurers) will be invited to join the join OMC events, fill a questionnaire and discuss in the Forum.