EILAT, Israel

Climate targets and deadlines

Eilat is one of the leading smart cities in Israel aiming to push building technology and increase capability for islanding. Eilat is leader in Israel. Israel aims to reduce 5.9 MtCO2 of emissions in the building sector by 2030 against a 2016 baseline. The renewable energy target is negligible (17% of the electricity from renewables by 2030).

Goals and challenges for buildings along the road

The Vision
Energy Independence and 100% Electricity Production from Renewable Sources.

• Improve Quality of Life for Residents and Tourists
• Savings in Expenses for Residents
• Saving in Expenses for Municipality
• 100% Renewable Energy
• “Zero Emissions”
• A Leading “Green City”

• Clean Air, Contribution for the fight in climate change locally and internationally.
• More resources to improve municipality services
• Eilat residents’ electricity costs to be reduced.

Plan for the future
Continue to increase solar production in
1. Households
2. Commercial
3. Public
4. Fields and other alternatives

How procuRE slots into this story and how it might help to achieve above

Being a procurer in the procuRE project and finding smart solution how to provide building stock with RES, Eilat hopes to set example for the service sector since it is heavily reliant on tourism.

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