Yemin Herzog, EILAT

Building view

The building is the old airport terminal building which is being converted to an off-grid innovation centre. The building is part of a bigger plan that changes the entire airport area including the landing strips and surroundings. The innovation centre is focused on the relative advantages that Eilat has, such as renewable energy, energy efficiency, Marine bio-technology and smart transportation.


Location: Almogim 12, Eilat (old) Terminal

Building geometry:

Gross total area: 1171 m2

Total built volume: 2927.5 m3

Number of floors: 2

Floor height: 2.5 m

Wall construction:

External wall: 0.403 W/m²K

Ground wall: 0.5 W/m²K

Flat roof: 0.403 W/m²K

Windows (double glazed): 2.2 W/m²K

Heating and cooling system:

The HVAC systems are expected to be air to air or water to air systems. The systems can be either local per space or centralized. The water heating is done by solar water heaters.







Heating system


Air-to-air heat pump

50*9 units kW

DHW system


Cooling system


Air to air split units (legacy equipment)

52.65*9 units


Lighting system is LED band Halogen based at present. In the new plan all luminaries will be LED based as well as natural light.

Total energy consumption

Energy  consumption  per  end use

Electricity consumption: ≈174,411 kWh/year

Electricity price: 0.46 nis/kWh – 0.618 €/kWh

Space Heating: Not available at present

Space cooling: Not available at present

Domestic Hot Water: Not available at present

Electrical devices: Not available at present

Suppliers about the building