procuRE tackles the common challenge of achieving 100% Renewable Energy Supply (RES) in existing stock. The Buyers Group compromises six cities operating a stock of 21,000 buildings. Procurers invest €7.68 million in R&D services to develop innovative solutions. The pre-commercial procurement has three phases. The current phase focuses on research and open market consultation with suppliers to develop the request for tender.

Reading the logo

  • 8 blocks and 8 colours representing our building blocks

    the succesfull combination is the breakthrough solution

  • Shape of a building

    with doors and windows

  • The building is enveloped by RE

    i.e. renewable energy

  • Letters RE as shapes

  • Gaps (lines and circle)

    we are to close through R&D procurement

  • The pink circle

    as a start button for future with 100% RES in existing building stock


Buildings are responsible for 40% of the energy demand and 36% of the CO2 emissions in Europe. It is expected that 90% of the currently existing building stock will still be in service in 2050, the year set for Europe to reach the energy reduction target of 80% compared to 2005. European policies and legislation1 are in place to allow an acceleration of decarbonisation in the building sector, starting out, however, from a situation where renovation is making only a moderate contribution (0.4 to 1.2% per year) and complete replacement of existing stock is very slow (1-1.5% per year). The time is ripe for a new approach, taking advantage of spare capacity in the construction sector in many countries.

To achieve our climate goals, renovation in Europe must be accelerated, lifting many more existing buildings to an optimal efficiency level as well as maximising the deployment of self-consumed Renewable Energy Supply. The timely focus of procuRE is on cost-effective delivery of on-site RES solutions to existing public buildings.


building blocks

To fulfil the unmet needs, procurers have set an ambitious framework for requirements to be met by R&D delivery. The framework consists of three domains and eight building blocks. Together, the building blocks constitute areas in which the procuRE solutions need to provide significant improvements compared to current state-of-the-art.

Pilot sites