Volksschule Viatisstrasse,

Building view

The building was constructed in 2016 as an ultra-low-energy building according to the passive house standard. It has two stories at its highest and is partially with basement. It houses a school and a daycare centre. The flat roofs are covered with gravel (no green roofs).


Location: An der Fleischbrücke 1-3, 90403 Nuremberg, Germany

Building geometry:

Gross total area: 3,405 m²

Total built volume: 13,563 m3

Number of floors: 2 (+ basement)

Floor height: 3.88 m (clear headroom: 3.05 m)

Wall construction:

External wall: 0.104 / 0.119 W/m²K

Ground wall: 0.171 W/m²K

Flat roof: 0.123 / 0.095 W/m²K

Sloping roof: 0.088 W/m²K

Windows (triple glazed): 0.53 W/m²K

Heating and cooling system:





Heating system


Condensing Heater (gas)

90 kW

DHW system


19x electric boilers

2x decentralised flow-type heaters

2 kW (each)

5.7 kW (each)

Cooling system


Reversible heat pump

211 kW


The lighting is provided by modern fluorescent tubes. The light is partially controlled by presence detectors.

Energy consumption:

Total energy consumption

Energy  consumption  per  end use

Electricity consumption: ≈49,260 kWh/year

Gas consumption: ≈7,550 m³/year

Electricity price: circa 0.25 €/kWh

Gas price: circa 0.06 €/m³

Space Heating: 38249,64 kWh/year

Space cooling: 67334,80 kWh/year

Domestic Hot Water: 0 kWh/year

Electrical devices: ≈ 150000 kWh/year

Computer server electricity: ≈ 48186.5 kWh/year

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