Phase iii progres update in barcelona

The procuRE project in Barcelona is making steady progress! The renovation package for the demonstration site is now complete, with subcontractors officially selected. However, before moving forward with construction, there’s one crucial step: local regulations require the publication of a complete project description (POMO) for public review. It will be divided into three POMOs for public review: HVAC, Lighting, and Photovoltaic (PV). The good news is that the HVAC POMO has been approved, allowing construction to begin soon. The Lighting and PV POMOs are still under assessment.

For the Lighting POMO, the team is conducting a further evaluation of one specific area of the building to ensure it meets proper lighting standards. The PV POMO, on the other hand, requires a structural evaluation of the roof to be completed. It is expected that both permits will be approved by the end of the month.

While the HVAC POMO is approved, installation will strategically begin in October to avoid inconveniences due to the hot summer weather, which could make installation less efficient. In turn, this will ensure that all the necessary equipment and the heat pumps is ready for installation . However, to keep things moving forward, the team is working to install the interior units and BMS control system this month.

The project team is also conducting further analysis to optimise the operational efficiency of the HVAC system planned for installation. This ongoing effort demonstrates the commitment to maximising the project’s environmental and budgetary benefits.

Stay tuned for further updates as Barcelona’s procuRE project moves closer to implementation and a more sustainable future!

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