phase III progress update in Velenje

The procuRE project in Velenje is making significant strides. The renovation package is now finalised, with local subcontractors on board and specific technology solutions chosen for the site. Contractual arrangement are finalised, the order for the equipment has been placed and site visits along with regular meetings have been conducted to support the operational planning for engineering and civil works.

This renovation will validate the potential of integrating technologies for production, transformation, storage and distribution of energy to actively manage the demand of the Vinska Gora demonstration site in order to maximise supply from renewable energy. The existing electrical network is being prepped to seamlessly integrate the Building Management System (BMS) that will present the pillar of efficiency gains through optimized management of the systems according to the actual demand from building users, environmental parameters and micro-climate factors.    

The development team is working closely with the distribution system operator (DSO) to ensure the network’s rehabilitation to accommodate the project’s requirements that includes the construction of a new transformer station originally planned for 2023 but delayed as a consequence of the flooding event last year.

The procurer has filled the application for the official opening of the construction site with works beginning in the 3rd week of May. Installation works will be strategically planned to minimise disruption during regular building use and will be concluded within the summer holidays.

Furthermore, in collaboration with local subcontractors a detailed installation schedule for the installation phases and commissioning is being finalised. This comprehensive plan will be a valuable guide for building owners, installers, and project monitoring, allowing for efficient issue resolution and smooth project execution.

Stay tuned for further updates as Velenje’s procuRE project moves towards a greener, more efficient future!

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