SEBR Consortium reports on the Pilot sites visits

Consortium SEBR has already visited some of the Pilot sites and shares its impressions.

Representatives of the Consortium were met by the buildings staff and Procurers. They were shown around the building and its main characteristics.

The following describes the current state of the design to be itereated through the Co-Design Procedure with procurers which constitutes a criticle part of the Renovation Approach.

On 31 May they went to see the Sant Boi town hall in Barcelona, which is the building chosen by AMB for procuRE project. Even though the building is 72 years old and has been declared historic, Supplier notices the good shape of it. It has been updated and already fits controllers for HVAC, lights, PV etc.

Some 'weak spots' were mentioned and we are working on them to make the building even more sustainable without losing user comfort.

On 15 June SEBR consortium visited the Vila Nova de Gaia school in Porto. According to Consortium, the school was built in 2014, is quite new and in good condition. One of the concerns is overheated classrooms in summer due to big windows facing south. DHW is preheated with solar panels. SEBR thinks that potential improvements lie on PV, batteries, leds, HVAC and EMS. The team is already working on smart proposals to improve the energy balance of this Manuel Antonio Pina school.

On Friday, 24 June, SEBR team visited the Velenje school at the last school day. The visit allowed understanding better the building status, improvement opportunities and challenges. Consortium says that there is no EMS and most operations are done manually which provides a big saving opportunity. There is a lot of rooftop space available which always helps achieving independance energywise. They are preparing the proposal. 

On 1 July Consortium visited the School & Day care in Nuremberg. The school is just 7 years old, built with passive standards and in good condition. Also, there are lots of rooftop space available for PV and a spare room for batteries too. As requested by the buyers, SEBR is studying replacement of the gas condensing burner (used for heating & DHW), seasonal storage and some additional potential improvement points.

SEBR Team thanks the buildings staff and Procurers for the well-organised information and visit.

Representatives of SEBR Consortium in the Vila Nova de Gaia school

The Sant Boi Town Hall in Barcelona

The Velenje school

SEBR team is checking the availability of the rooftop space in Nuremberg school

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