İstanbul selected for EU’s 100 climate-neutral programme

İstanbul will participate in a new EU program with the aim of transforming itself into a smart and climate-neutral city by the end of the decade. The mission to deliver 100 climate-neutral and smart cities by 2030 is an EU-funded program that includes technical and financial support over 10 years.

All projects to be carried out on combating and adapting to climate will be funded by the “Cities Mission” platform. The fund allocated to R&D activities only between 2022 and 2023 is 370 million Euros. The platform will also provide technical, financial and legislative support for each city.

During the process, long-term policies will also be determined so that the city can adapt to the climate. Additional funds will be provided for the solution of many specific problems, such as rehabilitating industrial facilities that already increase carbon emissions, and cleaning of groundwater. Committed to being a carbon-free and smart city by 2030, Istanbul will set a precedent for the world along with other cities.

The cities accepted to the call will start working on “Climate City Contracts” in the future. “The Climate City Conventions will create a project and investment plan for cities to achieve climate neutrality (carbon neutral city) by 2030. These programs will be created together with local stakeholders and citizens with the help of the EU Mission Platform. More about this programme can be found HERE.

The procuRE PCP offers the initiative a new approach to renovate a large number of schools and buildings within a short-time frame. The R&D solution is being tested in Istanbul to be communicated within the network during Phase III.

Meet other cities which should be climate neutral by 2030.

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