Call for Tender

The call for tender is expected for October 2021. 

Tender documents & forms

Prior information notice can be found on TED HERE.

A flyer and a pitch deck are available for download.

The Buyers Group

The submitted offers will be evaluated by The Buyers Group, consisting of  6 procurers: KSSENA (Slovenia regions), AMB (Wider Barcelona, Spain), NUREMBERG (Germany), ENERGAIA (Porto Region, Portugal), IMM (Istanbul, Turkey), EILAT (Israel).

The Buyers Group is in charge of over 21,000 buildings and has ambitious carbon neutrality goals (see strategies of Barcelona, Eilat, Istanbul, Nuremberg, Vila Nova de Gaia and Velenje for more detail).

procuRE invites other procurers to participate in OMC, answer the OMC questionnaire and to join the forum. procuRE will take input into account and share results as early as possible.

Pre-Commercial Procurement

The Pre-Commercial Procurement process will be executed in four phases, ending in May 2024. In Phase 0, the procurers will prepare Tender documents. During this time Open market consultation will take place. In Phase 1, the selected suppliers will work on concept design, solution architecture, and technical specifications. Then, in Phase 2, the selected suppliers will develop their prototype systems in two iterations. Finally, in Phase 3, selected contractors will test their pilot systems. 

In parallel to these phases, separate work strands for co-design, evaluation & impact assessment, dissemination and project management will support the project objectives. For the three phases of the pre-commercial procurement, the table below shows the envisaged distribution of budget, the number of expected suppliers for each of them as well as the planned share of R&D product costs for Phase III (pilots).


The total funding amount to be divided among the selected suppliers throughout the whole pre-commercial procurement process is 7.68 million euro. procuRE follows the stages of the PCP process as set-out by the European Commission, i.e. work will be divided into four subsequent phases:

  • Phase 0: Preparation phase (10 months) and Call for Tenders (5 months). 
  • Phase 1: Concept design, solution architecture, technical specifications and assessment framework (3 months). The total procurement budget in Phase 1 will be 1.15 million euro. It is expected that 8 suppliers will be selected. 
  • Phase 2: Development of prototype systems in two iterations (8 months). The total procurement budget in Phase 2 will be 2.3 million euro. It is expected that  4 suppliers will be selected. 
  • Phase 3: Development and testing of pilot systems (16 months). The total procurement budget in Phase 3 will be 4.22 million euro. It is expected that 2 suppliers will be selected.